5th grade band meeting

Next Tuesday night (9/21) we will be holding our Beginning Band Night at Claggett in the gymnasium from 5-7, followed by a second session from 7:15-9:00. Families can choose to attend either session. We will explain the program, demonstrate the instruments, and then have the students come to one of three stations to discuss with myself, Ms. Welterlen, or Mrs Hering (our new McNary HS Band Director!) their instrument choice. Both Uptown Music Store and Willamette Valley Music Company will be on-site with instruments to rent and books and accessories available for purchase.

Our first day of band will be Monday, 9/27. 5TH grade band and orchestra students will be bused from their elementary school to Claggett. We will meet daily from 3:15-4:00. Further details will be given at Beginning Band Night, and I am also happy to take phone calls or emails from families with questions.